Professional Research - Training

NHON is aiming for sustainable – long-term development, therefore, we focus on specialized research and teaching, especially energy, to train qualified human resources suitable for needs of industry partners.

We always try to bring a training program for each specifical business, the training program is always innovative and creative to promote students’ thinking and thinking, thereby creating Motivation helps customers maximize their personal potential and work more effectively and professionally.

The increase in global energy demand, the highly volatile oil and gas prices, the increase in complicated regulatory and environmental pressure have put a big “deal” on other alternative energy sources in this era. Before, the energy industry is largely controlled by the government, but, it has been drastically changed by increased privatization, new policy changes, loosening of FDI standards in the sector, new investments in the capital of energy projects by both public and private. In Vietnam, energy sector development is related to “Industrialization-Modernization”. Thanks to government support, there are more and more domestic and international investments in energy projects.

Reports on the energy and utility services provide intensive market data and complete analysis on emerging segments of renewable and nonrenewable energy, covering their integrated sub-segments such as capacity, industry and financial performance, sales and distribution channels, costs and prices. NHON Co., Ltd pays attention to some areas of Energy investment and development such as the emerging biofuels market, the global biodiesel market, and the opportunities in geothermal, the wind turbine market and a series of other related energy. We focus on analyzing trends in their end-user markets and assessing the impact these trends will have on industry performance. Evaluation of new market opportunities and market sizing, identification and evaluation of complex global value chains are our expertise. We also have experience in analyzing scenarios, costs, price trends, and forecasts.

By analyzing all the aspects that directly or indirectly effect on an energy project, our results are impeccable to implement a project with strong foundation. Experienced experts of NHON Co., Ltd have cooperated with international organizations for domestic projects such as: Alphasight, Boston Consultant Group, Onfrontier, VFI…

President and CEO of NHON GROUP

An international expert in the energy industry, with extensive experience in researching and teaching strategies, management and energy markets for large corporations in this field in Vietnam such as Oil and Gas Group Vietnam (PVN), Vietnam Electricity (EVN) …

In addition, a team of experts is not only an in-depth study of theory but also experienced in industry, international knowledge and experience and very knowledgeable about the business environment in Vietnam. Moreover, thanks to the long-term cooperation with major energy organizations in the world, we have international experts who are always ready to cooperate to train and develop human resources for you.